3 Motivation Tips From Joshua

New school year, it’s time to motivate, schedule, kick-butt & take names! It’s time to DO SOMETHING! The problem is you and I’s body rhythm is in summer mode (ie. sleep later, sit more, do less). So how do you jump-start your body rhythm and start doing consistently and productively. Joshua can help us here . . .

  1. Move – don’t worry about productivity at this point. This is just getting off your seat, moving your feet and getting after it. Joshua was actively leading the people when the story started, and there were points in the story where he gives leadership directives without specifically hearing from God about that thing, because he knew they needed to move.
  2. Listen to God while you move. Snow White’s dwarves say, “whistle while you work,” and I say, “Listen while you move.” Listening does not stop the movement in any part of the book of Joshua. Instead, listening to God’s voice is constantly in the rhythm of life for Joshua.
  3. Lead those you influence to move. Had Joshua not pressured, 2.5 tribes (Reuben, Gad, .5 Manasseh) would have stayed behind and not fought (Joshua 1). Without Joshua’s pressure, “Sun, stop! … you, don’t stop!” the Southern conquest would have taken years and not months (Joshua 10). Had he not pushed, 7 tribes would have devoured the land without inheriting the promise (“How long will you wait?” Joshua 18 – Josh’s adulting speech, haha). Without your pressure, your kids will not passionately engage with God in prayer, Bible reading, giving, serving, etc. Without your pressure, your extended family and friends won’t see that church is your priority. Here’s the payoff, with others moving around you (that you’ve influenced) you will get locked deeper into healthy habits with God!

Take a moment with God right now and ask for motivation … God, help me to be productive in this season. What can I do right now to reset my rhythm so that I and the people around me are able to move with You?

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