Why You Need Marching Orders From God Everyday

In the military a marching order is only good until there are new marching orders. What would happen if we received a Word from God in an area and then God wants to change His order because the time and season has changed and we’re still stuck on the other orders? We do this often. The point is to hear from God continually, so that we know when His marching orders change.

Unlike the written Word of God, the prophetic is specifically designed to give us temporary orders. God is allowed to change His mind on these things. He does not change His mind about what is written in the Bible – that is why He gave it to us that way. Therefore, if a prophetic Word from God is a re-articulation of a Biblical principle, then it is NOT a marching order. Otherwise, we need to think about the words, impressions and visions that God has given as marching orders. They absolutely are from God. They are binding. Obedience is required. However, they are NOT eternal. God will give us new marching orders, sometimes more often than others.

Take a moment to ask God right now – what are your marching orders for me today? Are there any marching orders that I’ve missed? Are there any I’m holding onto that You’ve moved on from?

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