The Power of Sequence

“Pre-marital counseling works best BEFORE you’re married.” You know, you’d think some things were self-explanatory, but apparently not – haha. I’ll also say that it’s never too late, there are some tools that are helpful at any stage! God can redeem anything, but He’s also wired us for certain sequences. Like – get to know each other (families, etc.), pray, get married God’s way, THEN move in together, have sex and make babies. Another sequence – Hear God’s call, respond with saving faith in Jesus, get water baptized, get baptized in the Holy Spirit. This is a sequence in Scripture – the exception proves the rule that this way is best.

Here’s another sequence for you – Meditate on and talk about the impossible things God has done, THEN pray for the impossible things you need or want Him to do in your life. I’ve heard more complaining prayers from church people than I care to admit. A complaining prayer is telling God your problem without inviting His solution, it lacks expectation that the God who spoke the world into existence is interested in your situation. Here’s where the sequence is important – when you meditate on what God has done, it increases expectation in you; when you talk (out loud to real people) about what God’s done, it activates faith in you. Suddenly the impossible in your life looks probable and you can declare with authority into your situation. Simply look at the Psalms for proof of this sequence over and over, also Acts 4:24-33 and so many other places.

So take a moment, remember anything and everything that God has done remarkably (for you, for others, in the Scripture, all of it)! Meditate on one, feel the emotions, hear the sounds, see the sights. Next, talk about it – relive that story to someone else. THEN, write down your own situation, but this time view it through the eyes of what is possible through God. NOW you’re ready to pray. Don’t pray wimpy prayers. Don’t ever pray complaining prayers again. Take this sequence and let faith rise.

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