Exploring Your New Normal . . . (Book Release!)

“I am doing a new thing!” God tells us in Isaiah 43:19! He did on Pentecost (Acts 2), and He’s doing a new thing in so many of you – empowering you by His Spirit for supernatural works! This should be normal. That’s why I WROTE THE BOOK, “Making the Supernatural Normal”.

Here’s the premise:

  • Being empowered by the Spirit of God for supernatural works is remarkably amazing! It also . . .
  • Requires agreement on your part with Holy Spirit’s work in you! It also . . .
  • Can be your new normal way of life with God! And . . .
  • Requires exploring all that God has for you!

The point is – THERE’S MORE! Here is your next step in exploring your new normal and the more that God has for you . . .

I’m OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCING the release of my book “Making the Supernatural Normal”! This is a comprehensive guide showing you how God ruined me in the best way for ever doing church and life boring. I am compelled constantly to see God do what ONLY HE can do in my world! The book will show you next steps in growth in the supernatural. Purchase the book today in book, kindle or audio format at . . . https://tinyurl.com/SupNormal. I want all of you to read it – I truly believe it’s the upgrade you need! Listen to me talk about it more here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6bIIQYhDic.


One thought on “Exploring Your New Normal . . . (Book Release!)

  1. Jared,


    div>This is such exciting news. God said to many years ago, “I want the supernatural to be then natural thing


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