At least 40% of your daily decisions are made by your habits. That means that nearly half the time you are on autopilot. In fact, for some people that percentage is much higher. How about you? . . .

Habits are powerful. Theologian/philosopher Dallas Willard said, “Habits eat willpower for breakfast.” He couldn’t be more right. What habits are you forming right now during this brand new season? Habits of hitting the snooze more, helping your spouse less, watching a new streaming service, missing your devos, OR are you ready to start better habits?

Be intentional about your habits right now, this is the season, now is the THE time. Take a moment – write down some life-giving habits that God will celebrate in you. EXAMPLES: I will … read the Bible (with my family maybe) each night no matter how late it is (that’s the key). I will … start each morning with an apple (instead of a donut). I will … give everyone who comes through my door a hug every time. If your habits are God-honoring, your life will be more and more God honoring – it’s a mathematical certainty – or a psychological certainty, ahhhh, you know what I mean – it has to happen!

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