How to Connect with the Holy Spirit

“What are you doing?” She says. “I’m rubbing your back, thought you could use a pick me up,” he happily replies. [Awkward Pause] She’s glaring at him, he’s NOT getting the hint to stop. This is a familiar scene in marriages, because we give and receive love differently. Gary Chapman’s famous book The 5 love Languages, outlines different ways in which people give and receive love, and we typically give love in the language that we receive love, but that provides so many opportunities for disconnect.

Holy Spirit is very understanding, He understands that we don’t always communicate with Him in the best ways, YET relationship requires that we learn and grow in communicating with each other. So here are some steps in growing in communication with the third person of the Trinity, God on earth now, your mentor, comforter and advocate, Holy Spirit:

  1. Address Him by name – “Holy Spirit, thank you for being with me now . . .” There is no more beautiful sound to a human than their own name, and though the Holy Spirit does not NEED it, WE NEED to acknowledge Him more by name. It is a step toward coming into the awareness of His presence constantly.
  2. Speak His language – anyone who’s learned a second language well knows the process can be grueling and must be worth it to find motivation. Holy Spirit took the time to learn your language and He speaks it fluently, isn’t it time you learned His? If you’ve ever been in a place where you don’t speak the language, there is something refreshing about hearing someone communicate in yours. Refresh the Holy Spirit, learn His language.
  3. Tune your life to His rhythm – after you begin to speak His language, you will realize that He has a different rhythm than you. Spirit inspired language will reset your life rhythm when you’re doing it right – you’ll get excited about what He’s excited about, grieve what He’s grieving, love what He loves, etc. He is gracious to often reach out to you in your rhythm, but His rhythm is better, what if you reached out to Him in His rhythm?

Take a moment right now to connect with the Holy Spirit, “Holy Spirit, thank you for coming to meet with me right now . . .”

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