Staying on Fire for God

Naiveté is super fun until it’s not. An old comic strip said, “If ignorance is bliss then he’d be a blizzard.” It was super fun for my 9 year old to take his gloves off yesterday to play in the snow (despite our instructions) UNTIL IT WASN’T! When he came to the back door distraught, crying and in pain with his hands red mid-way up his forearms, Jessica was able to tell him as she ran his hands under warm water, “This is what the beginning of frostbite looks like,” (Aaahhhh!)

So you’ve either had this revelation (probably painfully!) or maybe I can save you the pain right now, passion and fire for God is not self-sustaining. Paul says, “Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord.” (Rom 12:11 NIRV) There is work to be done to keep any fire and passion alive – in marriage, in your work, in hobbies, and definitely in your relationship to God.

Don’t follow your heart, tend to your heart. Follow God’s heart and allow Him space in your heart to constantly create new passion for Him. If you’re bored with your devotional life, God probably is too; but there’s good news. He’s a creative artist and He has infinite possibilities for recreating that space where your passion for Him can thrive in line with His Word. Your heart will lead you to a passionless, destructive life, it is, “deceitful above all things.” (Jer 17:9) However, God has creative good for you, and His will for you is to be on fire for Him.

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