What if you could pray WITH God?

2018 is over – K BYE – haha! 2019 is here – Happy New Year! There is a smorgasbord of options for what to focus on, do, or shoot for this year. I truly believe that one factor will set your year apart beyond any other, and make the greatest difference in your life – learn to pray WITH God!

Heaven is filled with prayers. They go up before God like incense (Ps 141:2, Rev 8:4). I’m sure SOME SMELL BETTER than others. Both Jesus (Rom 8:34) and Holy Spirit (Rom 8:26) are praying for us – I’m sure their prayers smell sweet and amazing to God, but so many of us are praying TO God – from our own whims, desires and wants. But what if we could pray WITH God? Pray in accordance with His will the same prayers that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are praying? Then your prayer might stop smelling like flatulence in the throne room, and add value and glory to God’s domain. Do you think God is more likely to answer those prayers?

This First Wednesday (Jan 2 @ 7 PM), we are going to learn to craft prayers that smell sweet to God, by praying along with Him. Please join us in person if you’re in the Lansing, MI area or online (journeylifechurch.com/ live-stream-1) if you’re not in the area – this is the breakthrough you need in 2019!

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