Consolation Prizes

“A purple ribbon!?!” I could feel the tears welling up as my 8-year-old mind tried to process losing. The purple ribbon was the one no one wanted, the slap in the face, the kick to the groin. Mortified, I tried to hide my reaction from everyone! It was as if a million condescending hands were patting my head at once, “Good try, little buddy.” Consolation prizes are a momentary feel good at best. For the one kid that was super pumped that they got a ribbon, there were 3 of us who wanted to get swallowed up by the floor. We would rather have gotten nothing and enjoyed the anonymity of losing. But it wasn’t to be.

Jesus compares earthly wealth to a consolation prize, “Woe to you who are rich, For you have received your consolation.” (Luke 6:24 NKJ) In other words, all the wealth that the richest people in history amassed amounts to a pat on the head and a purple (you stink at this) ribbon in eternity.

Listen, I don’t believe that Christians cannot be wealthy. God has used many wealthy people to get glory in His world. At the same time, turn your focus from earthly blessing to eternal blessing and your life will be worth more than a consolation prize. How can you bless God today? Take a moment right now to honor Him. How can you bless people today? Take a moment right now to encourage someone. Set your heart on God’s things right now (Col. 3:1), see Colossians 3:12-17 for a list of those things.

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