Love isn’t Romantic

“I’m not in love with Jesus,” Pastor Jeff Lucas stated in his charming British accent at the pastor’s conference I went to. He went on to explain – I love Jesus, but Biblical love isn’t primarily romantic. I personally don’t have a problem with the phrase, “in love with Jesus,” because it’s simply expressing in imperfect terms the state of a person’s devotion to God. However, he’s right in that, love from Father God, flowing through us to our world isn’t primarily romantic.

Love isn’t romantic . . . primarily. I mean it can be romantic, but romantic love is a very small part of Biblical love. In fact, the Bible rarely uses words for love when talking about romance. The words we translate “love” are used almost exclusively for sacrificial love, brotherly love, familial love, friendship love and love between believers. Love from our Heavenly Father, sending Jesus to the cross so that we don’t have to die eternally is beautiful, because it’s sacrificial.

Romantic love, although it can be wonderful, doesn’t ascend to that level of impact that sacrificial love ascends to. In fact, in a romantic relationship, the best and purest parts are sacrificial. So it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and instead of longing for romance, why don’t you extend authentic sacrificial love to someone in your world (A huge tip, an offer to help, a world-changing prayer, an encouraging word/note). John said, Dearly loved, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” (1 John 4:11) He made the first move, calls you loved; so receive His love now, and give Him away.

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