See Simply, Speak Boldly

Everyone’s on the verge of tears, God’s presence was tangible as we sat around a half moon table on 3rd Grader sized stools. My son had just finished praying with his teacher during parent-teacher conferences at public school. We all sat a moment and just enjoyed the embrace of God, before the next family who was waiting needed to start their conference.

The question to his teacher that sparked this moment was simple, “How can we support you?” As she expressed some needs, God showed me very simply how much she loved her students. I had a choice to make in that moment, I could have said, “You really love your students, don’t you?” – which would have been fine, non-threatening, even encouraging. But a boldness rose up to say instead, “I feel like God wants you to know that He sees how much you love your students!” Simple and bold, and she welled up with emotion, as all of us did too. That simple statement transformed a mundane meeting into a holy moment, a public place into a sacred one for God to make Himself known – and He did! We prayed together, God embraced, and moments later, we were making room for the next family, but the signature of God on that encounter lingers.

What God builds into moments like that has eternity written all over it! You plant a seed for God’s kingdom and it can only produce one thing – God’s kingdom! The picture the Holy Spirit showed me was so simple, it almost felt trite and unnecessary to say, but God took that simple message, combined with a bold step of faith and built an altar, that none of us will quickly forget. Don’t overcomplicate it – your simple step of faith today will produce God’s kingdom in someone else!

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