Any good gardener (which I am not, just ask my wife – haha) will tell you that the success of a garden depends very much on the nature and condition of the dirt. Jesus taught from the same principle in the parable of the sower (Matt 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, Luke 8:4-15). What’s so important about dirt? Well, in order to plant successfully and to grow, dirt has to be tended to, watered, tilled, cultivated and given nutrients.

As a church we have been tending to (or “playing in,” whichever you like better – grin) the dirt for a long time – tending to relationships, watering the community with the truth of God’s word, tilling people so that they’re positioned better for passion and gifting, cultivating an atmosphere that the Holy Spirit loves, and receiving the nutrients of God’s activity. Now it’s time to plant! Planting requires breaking the ground! Many individuals and families have made the decision to plant at Journey Life Church over the years, and now our choice to plant is manifesting itself in this groundbreaking moment to add space to our building!

It’s time to take a praise break! Thank you God, for the amazing people that you’ve given us to enjoy life with at Journey Life Church! Thank you that we NEED to add on, in order to steward well the people and the relationships in this community! Thank you that your heart is so huge for Holt, Lansing and your Church that you would desire to bring more people into your kingdom through us! And thank you that you are the ultimate Provider of all resources! We celebrate your goodness, and invite you to do even more in Journey Life Church!

Take a praise break today – I believe that will be ground breaking in your life too!

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