The Anatomy of a Breakthrough

Anyone can fixate on defeat – regret and desperation push us to analyze and rehearse the details of our failures, but it’s possible that greater growth is available to those who study breakthrough. This week has been full of breakthroughs! You all have been sharing story after story of God working in supernatural ways through you! I’ve heard of 3 foot healings, 3 back healings, prayer for a wrist with a brace on, a lost relationship restored, a loved one saved, etc – THIS WEEK.

Here are the things I’ve observed as common threads in supernatural breakthroughs . . .

  1. Relationship with Jesus is restored, rekindled, built up. As a foundation for breakthrough to happen, getting into right relationship with Jesus is key. Obedience is key. Personal prayer and devos is key. Apart from beautiful communion with Jesus, breakthroughs are often just ego boosters and God might not be in them at all.
  2. Raise the tide of faith by consistently hearing testimonies. Testimony is one of our potent offensive spiritual weapons (Rev 12:11)! A constant thread in breakthrough is that people are willing to subject themselves to story after story of what God is doing, listening constantly to recognize how God wants to work through them too.
  3. The commitment to embrace stretching situations. People who KNOW Jesus is around get excited about jumping out of the boat into stormy waters! You will fail some, but Jesus will grow you in it . . . AND you will breakthrough also. When believing for impossibilities starts to look like the most fun option, you’re ripe for breakthrough!

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