Be Careful Little Feet . . .

“Get down here!!!” I can feel my blood pressure rising, after the third time calling my children. 3 minutes earlier I was happy as a lark, ready to give my kids some freshly baked cookies. But now . . . I simply didn’t want to give it to them. After a stern talking to, and then making them wait it out for a while, I ended up giving them the cookies (I’m such a softy). But my rousing lecture centered around a common theme in our household, “So much of obedience is just being where you’re supposed to be.” Be careful little feet where you go.

On Sunday I said, “People vote with their feet.” Obedience is shown through the action of doing what God tells you to do. Jesus’ final command to His disciples was simple location directions “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift . . .” (Acts 1:4). What happened to those who were not obedient with their feet? They missed out on one of the greatest days in history – the Day of Pentecost. They might have even missed out on the gift; at the very least it was delayed.

Obedience can often be measured in feet and inches (just ask King David in 2 Sam 11:1). Being in obvious places that you know are good for you, will either qualify or disqualify you for assignments, and gifts from God. Think about it – when God is looking for people to bless, to give cool jobs to, where will He look first? – in His courtroom. God will look for the people who like to hang around Him, and spend time with Him. How can your feet position you for usefulness and blessing this week?

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