An Invitation

“My sister has a tumor, she’s 15 and blind in both eyes,” an elementary school age girl told me on Saturday, “she’s right over there,” as she points with compassion- filled empathy in her eyes. My breathing stops as my heart races, and the desire rises from deep in my soul to see her healed. I got the chance to pray with the family, and with this precious teenager as well, but there was no change. No visible change at least – her hat was still over her eyes, walking stick in hand, with a solid grip on her guide dog’s leash. I saw the change in my spirit, the tumor shrinking, the eyes restored, light returning, celebrating and praising God. Instead, I simply saw an optimistic teenager with a great trust in God’s goodness, which is amazing and inspiring – I just know there’s more.

So I went to my secret place to grow. Jesus was not ok with blind people staying blind in His world, and neither will I be. Just because my experience did not line up with God’s word, does not make it ok to dumb down the word of God to human experience. I refuse to blame the faith of the person I’m praying for, or the country I’m in. God’s word is clear, Jesus said to John the Baptist, “the blind see, the lame walk … the good news is preached … Blessed is anyone who does not stumble” (Matt. 11:5-6). Why would we stumble? How can you say that Jesus? . . . Well, what about those who haven’t seen yet? That’s how you can stumble, and exactly how John did – What about me, I’m in prison?

The nature of growth in the Spirit requires that we focus on what is possible through Jesus, rather than on the impossibilities in our world. Focus on the fact that Jesus healed the blind and He told me to do the same. And the fact that I didn’t see it Saturday is not invitation to redefine what Jesus said, or an invitation to get bitter or discouraged. Instead, it’s an invitation into the heart of God who loves for the, “eyes of the blind to be opened” (Isa. 35:5). It’s an invitation to know Him, and in the mirror of who He is, discover more fully who you are. It’s that authority grounded so firmly in relationship with Jesus that will cause the blind to see, and all sickness to bow to the name of Jesus through you and me.

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