An Outrageous Tale of 3 Songs

I’ve got to see Jesus, to see Jesus, I’ve got to . . .” he sings in his heart as he climbs a tree (Luke 19:4). Before he can even see Jesus, he hears his name called out, “Zaccheus!” It was Jesus … talking … to … him!!! A million questions wandering through his mind, “How did Jesus know my name? How am I going to please Him? I hear He doesn’t just ‘love’ people, He also likes them.” Then, “Stay at my house!?! Of course!” he says, as he climbs down the tree (v. 6). His song changes to, “I’ve got to please Jesus, please Jesus, I’ve got to . . .

Then another song chimes in, muttering. Zaccheus hears this song every time he goes in public, everyone assumes that because he’s a successful tax collector he must be ripping people off. So they mutter, “Jesus hangs with sinners, with sinners, Jesus hangs with . . .” (v. 7). Zach thinks quickly, the “Please Jesus” song on repeat in his spirit, he decides to clear his name and Jesus’ name too with outrageous generosity (v. 8).

So Jesus sings a new song, “Zaccheus has salvation, salvation, Zaccheus has . . .” (v. 9). Everyone shuts up, because the whole time Jesus had a song in His spirit too, “I’m seeking sinners, saving the lost, I’m seeking . . .” (v. 10). I don’t know about you, but I want to choose His song. It’s a tale of three songs, which song will you choose?

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