The Joy of Being Unsure

“This might be the most confusing time with God ever” – I was thinking last night, as I sat in awkward silence listening for God’s voice. It wasn’t awkward because it was silence, and the people I was with were great. It was awkward because of the ping-pong match in my head about whether or not I was hearing from God – aaahhhh! I was unsure.

Have you ever thought – God is that you? How many times this week? Have you ever given up for a season because you were unsure? I have. You’re in good company (Adam, Moses, Samuel, Hannah, Gideon, Mary, Ananias (the prophet) – just to name a few) were all unsure of God’s speaking at some time in their story.

As a dad my most treasured times with my kids aren’t where I’m downloading information to them, but where they’re sitting and being with me. What if God wants to be with you? What if partial information is a call deeper into His heart? That’s rhetorical – of course partial info is a call deeper into His heart. Let me rephrase – when you’re unsure of God’s voice, it’s always a call deeper into His heart! When you’re unsure what He saying, that’s time to get excited, THE KING WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU!!!

Here are some tips to enjoying being unsure . . .

  • Sit with Jesus – don’t talk. Just be with Him, there is nourishing strength in His presence. You will feel anxiety melt, and God’s presence arrive – wait for it. Don’t rush this.
  • Ask specific questions (say out loud), “God, I don’t know what this means, what is the next piece? Help.” God’s not scared of your questions. He’s funnier than you think – He might give you a sarcastic answer first. He loves to laugh with you, and He speaks your language.

One thought on “The Joy of Being Unsure

  1. Wow! That is an excellent word. All of us experience those ping pong moments with God, and the understanding that He loves for us to just be in His presence is amazing!


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