There’s More

When was the last time you were in a church service that was accused of being drunken? The first Christians in Acts 2 surely wanted lightning powers, or fire powers, or at least wind powers when the Holy Spirit came on them, but NO ONE was asking for drunken sounding languages powers. But that’s what they got. The Holy Spirit will not always come how you expect, but however He comes, you WANT it.

So, if it freaks you out to think of a church experience that is wild enough to look intoxicated, maybe your picture of church needs to change. If you’re bored with your devotional life, you might want to cozy up to the Holy Spirit – He can’t do boring. If you’ve ever wondered how to pray, or why it seems like you’re stuck in the same rut – I have good news for you – there’s more!

God is literally (not the ironic use of the word) infinite, meaning that no matter how much you know Him or know about Him – there’s always more and you want Him! So take a moment, picture God, and ask, “What’s the more that You have for me today?”

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