Better Than Hype

Have you ever gotten annoyed when someone was trying to hype you up? Like if someone walks into your bedroom at 6 AM screaming, “ARE YOU RRRRREADY TO RRRRRUM-BLE????” That person is likely to get what they ask for – but not the fun way – haha. That’s because getting annoyed at hype is natural. Hype is when a person or organization tries to artificially generate excitement where it doesn’t naturally exist. It’s necessary for momentum and marketing in so many places.

However, there is a hype-less zone with God . . .

  • God doesn’t need to hype anything, because HE IS all-powerful.
  • God doesn’t need to prove authority and excitement because HE HAS all authority.
  • God doesn’t need to generate excitement because He’s THE SOURCE of all energy and life.

I believe that His hype-less zone includes you and I. Here’s how . . .

  • When we know our identity – WHO WE ARE as son’s and daughters in God’s kingdom and . . .
  • When we know our authority – WHAT WE HAVE (Matt 28:19-20) and . . .
  • When we’re tapped into THE SOURCE of life and energy – the Holy Spirit . . .

… we don’t need to hype ourselves up either. When we’re fully tapped into Him it’s natural to be full of life and energy for Him. When we stand firm in our identity and authority through Him, it’s natural to be confident and boldly ask people if you can pray for them (because you know He has your back). Try it – try asking to pray for someone. You’ll be surprised how God’s authority infuses the situation with life, and that’s BETTER THAN HYPE.

One thought on “Better Than Hype

  1. I have always loved and gotten so much spiritual UPLIFTING everytime I here you teach in fact brother YOU yes YOU HAVE BEEN a VERY BLESSED PRECIOUS BEAUTIFUL BLESSING and also YOUR wonderful FAMILY.


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