Becoming an Enabler

There I was – responding to every yell from my kids, hovering over them to keep them safe at the play area. Holding the baby so she wasn’t running into danger. Trying to socialize with people on our block, but having to break out of random conversations instantly to make sure that the kids were not distracting at all. Why? Because I was being an enabler.

Becoming an enabler is bad, right? If you’re enabling someone to cheat, self-harm, be abusive, do drugs, abuse alcohol, etc – enabling is very bad – horrifyingly bad. But what if we’re enabling something else? That night I had to be an enabler. That night Holy Spirit was calling me to be an enabler. It was awesome! I felt so fulfilled, so energized, as if I were the one having the breakthrough myself. But I wasn’t. My wife was having a breakthrough moment.

Her conversation had gone from small talk – to complaining – to deep talk -to spiritual talk – to praying, prophesying, crying and breakthrough all in the same time that I had to be the first and only responder to my kids. I knew that my role was to enable my wife’s conversation to happen, and as a result Holy Spirit had a moment with someone who had never experienced Him before!

In Acts 6 the early church created a ministry role called waiting on tables (Acts 6:2). It doesn’t sound glamorous, but these people became enablers of the work of prayer and preaching that was happening with others. As it turns out, those who waited on tables became some of the most powerful ministers of God’s presence in the early church also (See Stephen and Philip in Acts 7 & 8). Each of us have the opportunity to become enablers of the work of prayer and preaching, whether that be at church, or at our block party. Sometimes it’s planned, sometimes Holy Spirit just thrusts it on you. Do not miss the moment to allow Holy Spirit to transform a life, especially if it’s through someone else. Enabling my wife to have that powerful God moment was one of the most thrilling times I can remember. Try it, try becoming an enabler of the work of Holy Spirit through someone else – you might just get hooked!

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