Why you want God looking at you?

I have to admit – I’m an inconsistent parent sometimes. Earlier this evening my baby girl Jolena was being cranky. Normal cranky – the “I can ignore this and hope it goes away” kind of cranky. So I just kept looking at my computer, but I was NEVER unaware of her whining – haha. Eventually she looked me. At that point I looked over and smiled at her. She went back to pouting. Then looked again. My smile got bigger – and so on until finally she smiled back and started warming up.

I was inconsistent, because I was truly only interested in looking at her when there was delight to be had between us. I could have looked at her when she was cranky and (from experience) she would have gotten more cranky until I gave her . . . a cookie, let her run around atop the counter, let her consume soap, stick her finger in an outlet, jump off the top of the coffee table – you get the point – bad, worse, death. I was inconsistent, but there was purpose in it – I was rewarding her delight with delight of my own. All it took was to catch her eye.

Here’s the problem – most people don’t want God looking at them. They think He’s only looking for sin, and I promise He can transform us, and kill off our sin. However, I truly believe He’s waiting for us to look at Him without cranky eyes, so He can give us His full delight and smile. He’s got the corner of His eye on us always, just longing for that moment when we give Him a window, so He can delight our soul. The Bible agrees . . .

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” (2 Chr. 16:9 NIV)

So, you want God looking at you today. Here is the key to getting His gaze – look at Him with delight. Leave the cranky, entitled child-like attitude behind, and give Him your child-like, humble and charming smile. He longs to reward that smile. So look at Him. Smile. Right. Now.

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