My inner procrastinator goes into overtime on a certain responsibility, you may or may not relate, but, it’s weeding. For anyone who has trouble motivating yourself to weed – don’t read the rest of this email! Just kidding. There is almost (wink, wink) Scriptural evidence not to pull weeds – haha.

In the parable of the weeds (Matt 13:24-30) the enemy sows weeds (non-belief) among the wheat (believers). The owner of the field (God) was asked by the servants (believing workers) for permission to pull the weeds (root out the non-believers). The owner (God) answered, “No . . . because while you are pulling the weeds, you may root up the wheat with them.” (v. 29).

Is God giving us gardening advice? Unfortunately for me, no.

Here’s the insight. How do we root out unbelievers right now? By being critical and judgmental. What’s the problem with doing this? By being critical and judgmental we are hurting true belief that hasn’t fully sprouted yet. We think we’re pointing out weeds and all we’re doing is hurting the wheat.

Truth . . .

  • Every seed of belief is worth nurturing, watering & fertilizing.
  • The timing for judgment is the end of the age – until then – our command from God is to ignore the weeds (unbelief) and nurture the wheat (belief).
  • Nurturing the wheat will cause it to thrive – no matter what’s happening with the weeds.

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