Line of Sight

Our backyard flows directly into a little neighborhood park, which is what enabled us to sell our kids on this house, just over the one with the pool :-). They love the freedom and space and jungle gym – it’s almost too free (you know, for us, as parents – haha). If I sit on the back porch I can watch them play as long as they want to. From time to time I will catch them looking my direction to make sure it’s ok if they . . . jump off the high part of the gym, push their sibling a little harder on the swing, venture out onto the monkey bars, etc.

The key to these actions being “legal” and not secretive is simply – line of sight. As long as they can see me, they can check my reactions and intentions about their play. As soon as they go to that area of the park in which line of sight is broken by the big evergreen – permission to play gets fuzzier, so does my ability to protect them. To be quite honest, my angst level goes up – part of being a father.

Line of sight with our heavenly Father works like this. In order for our awareness of His will, and His smile to be present – line of sight is necessary. His protection is enabled by our staying within line of sight. In my yard, just like in my life, line of sight is blocked by lazy maintenance (trim the evergreen, trim the clutter in my soul). Freedom within His smile will energize our soul – we have to see Him to see His smile. As in any task where vision is required – if we can see it, we can do it. So it is with God’s Spirit – if we can see Him we can do it. We don’t have to wonder what His will is, or whether or not He’s pleased with us, as long as we have cleared the clutter and stay within His line of sight.

2 Chron 16:9 “For the Lord’s eyes scan the whole world to strengthen those who are committed to him with all their hearts.”

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