Delight-Filled Impossibilities

So there’s Jesus, strolling out onto the lake in the middle of a storm (Matt 14:22-36). The disciples are freaking out, calling him a ghost. Then Peter has a light-bulb idea, thinking, “Of course, this is how I’ll know it’s Jesus, I’ll ask the ghost to tell me to come to him, walking on the water.”

Really, Peter???? That’s the litmus test you think of? Why not – what’s my favorite color? Or when’s my birthday? Or what did we eat last night for dinner? We’re going with, tell me to come to you on the lake? Couldn’t a ghost tell you to do that just to watch you die? Come on, man.

But, Peter knew something about the supernatural having watched these things many times – ghosts deal in fear, demons deal in fear. More importantly, Peter knew something about Jesus – Jesus deals in delighthis miracles are firmly and fully founded in delight, joy and the kind of impossibility that brings hope, creativity and clarity.

This is why, “tell me to come to you on the water” was the first logical question in Peter’s mind. Because he knew Jesus. Jesus separated Himself from everyone else by dealing only in delightful impossibilities – this is the kind of person you and I are called to be.

He knew something about Jesus personality that we have to know – Jesus was likely to pick the most fun option. He delights in impossibilities. Do we know that side of His personality? Do we want to become Him in that way?

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