A Joyful Whirlwind

Pound, pound, p-p-pound, pou-p-pound pound – the stomping of 6 little feet throughout my house for 30 minutes after my kids got home from school yesterday got my adrenaline going! Why now? They’ve been sitting, storing up energy for 2+ weeks over the break and now they have this HUGE, ALL-ENCOMPASSING DAY – with school and piano lessons afterward and now it’s time to GO NUTS! They should have been less rested because of that day, but they were more energized instead.

Here’s the point . . . a break from your normal routine doesn’t always mean rest AND a huge season of activity doesn’t mean you have to feel overwhelmed. What’s the difference between tons of activity meaning exhaustion, and tons of activity being energizing – one word – JOY!!! Joy represents the difference between a whirlwind that drains and a whirlwind that feeds! My kids were having a blast! They were so pumped up! And that joy did NOT lead to a crash. What if there’s joy that doesn’t lead to a crash?

Hebrews describes this scene in heaven . . . You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, (Heb. 12:22 NIV) That is particularly the kind of joy that God is calling you to. Joyful activity. There will be seasons of rest, but your reset in 2020 means that activity can be joyful! Lean into God’s joy today!

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