The garbages in my house have filled with tissues in the last couple weeks, as each person goes through a virus, or a seasonal allergy, or a reaction to the barometer change (I don’t know – my brother’s the medical guy, not me – haha). Whatever went through our house, it feels contagious (maybe), because it’s hit all of us in some sort of odd succession. That’s not fun.

But contagious is not always bad. In fact, laughter is contagious, yawning is contagious (which is a great trick for bedtime routine – hehe), quitting smoking is contagious (yep, if you want to quit, get around others who are!), and positive thinking is also contagious! Here’s the best one – THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS CONTAGIOUS!

What are the marks of the kingdom of God from Scripture? The presence of God, the supernatural words & works of God, healing, salvation, demons running away, repentance, right living, peace and joy (Rev 11:15, Matt 4:17, 23; 12:28; Rom 14:17 & so much more)! The kingdom of God is contagious! If your life is submitted fully to God’s rule then the kingdom of God is in you – YOU ARE CONTAGIOUS! That means the presence of God enters the room with you, supernatural breakthroughs are available through you, you bring people to salvation, demons run from you, and repentance, right living, peace and joy will happen to the people around you. The more people get into contact with you, the more they’ll experience the Spirit of God inside you!

We’re declaring and seeing healing in our house (because healing is contagious), and it’s time to give away your best contagions too – the kingdom of God is in you, and HE WANTS OUT! Give God’s kingdom away to someone right now. That’s right, take a moment – call someone, send an encouraging text, ask someone if you can pray for them.

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