Pure Joy

It was like an annoying symphony of generic ringtones, my phone, ipad and computer were all lighting up, buzzing and ringing at the same time! I knew it was an accident: butt-dialed, 2 yr old mischief, or fat-fingered the phone were the leading theories. My wife NEVER Facetime’s me first; it’s always a call or text first, then switch over. All that, and I answered anyway!!! Why???

I should say it’s because I love my wife (WHICH I DO!!!!), but that wouldn’t be accurate. Because I knew if it was a butt dial or a fat finger, she probably wouldn’t be there anyway. I answered on the off chance that my cute lil’ baby girl was sincerely trying to talk to her daddy! I interrupted my “very important” to do list to answer, because if there was any chance of hearing her voice, or seeing the top of her head or her shoes, that was going to bring me joy! “Hi dad-dy” she said, as I saw the top of her forehead, and part of her blurred thumb – pure joy! 

I wonder what God thinks when we call on Him! Did they butt-dial me again? They were probably just angry at that guy in traffic and slipped a little, or maybe that was a sneeze-blessing mention? I bet He listens anyway, why? On the off chance that His lil’ baby sincerely wanted to talk their daddy. Actually, I know He listens, “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” (1 John 5:14 NIV)

God hears you! Take a minute and talk to Him on purpose right now. Your call is pure joy to Him!

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