New Every Morning

Foul breath, greasy hair, growling belly, beautiful sunrise, blank slate, fresh energy – what do all these have in common? I’m glad you asked – haha! They are each NEW every morning. I am NOT a morning person. I’ve wished I was, tried to be, mourned that I wasn’t, and finally just settled in. To all the morning people out there – good on you 🙂 – I wish you many beautiful sunrises. For real, sunrises are awesome!

Of all the things that can be new every morning, there’s one that matters SOOOO much – God’s love and mercies are new every morning (Lam. 3:22-23). So what do you need today? Love? Mercy? Both? I need both on most days.

Here’s the truth – love and mercy are your inheritance from God TODAY! This is one way (of so many) to receive love and mercy from God. Say this, right now, “God, I believe you have love and mercy for me today. Right now, I receive your love and mercy into my heart, my mind, and I believe even my body is strengthened because of your love and your mercy today. In Jesus name, Amen.” Now let him wash over you, repeat this every day that you remember to.

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