Pieces of the Mosaic

“Because Jesus loves you and He knows everything about you. He wants you to know that your best you is yet to come!” I found myself saying to a stranger.

Rewind to 23 minutes earlier – she didn’t want to give her name and was seriously on edge, but still felt like she NEEDED to talk to a pastor. So we sat down in the conference room and she poured out a snapshot of her story. 15 minutes into the conversation the story was on repeat and we had gone through a box of tissues (I was slightly lost in the details of the story to be perfectly honest).

Then I got a sensation in the back right side of my head – like it lit up – not in pain but like a highlight – then it happened again and again. So I asked God – does she have migraine’s? No. Then the impression hit – she’s right brained – a creative type. I cut her off – oops – “You’re creative aren’t you?” (Pause) “(slowly)yee-aahh”. “Yeah God showed me you’re creative and that’s a skill set that will help you to find a job that will provide for the needs you’re talking about.” “But I need technical skills…(the objections continued)” at the same time she got out her piece of paper and began writing and doodling creatively – haha!

I found myself interrupting again with another personal piece of knowledge that only God would have known. This time she stopped – I had her attention for the first time in the conversation. So I began to speak about the way that God views her. That no matter where she is or what she’s doing – He’s always there for her. She’s going to make it – then it came, “Because Jesus loves you and He knows everything about you. He wants you to know that your best you is yet to come!”

“I really needed to hear that.” Smiling – joy in her tone for the first time in the conversation. Jesus had broken through her distance, confusion and distrust. She even gave us her name after that and was smiley and cordial. Jesus was ready to do even more amazing in and through her!

This is why God said to eagerly desire spiritual manifestations especially to prophecy (1 Cor 14:1). The payoff is eternal. Say this right now, “God, what do you want to tell me about my day.” Look, listen – what do you see or hear? Don’t worry if you don’t understand it yet. Write it down and imagine that it’s a tiny piece of a giant mosaic picture – let God fill out the blanks around it – it’s gonna be fun!

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