A Secret Sauce to Peace

“Meetings are like beatings, sometimes you just have to bend over and take ‘em,” was a saying I found myself repeating as a Junior at Oral Roberts University. I had 11 meetings per week (4 of which I led), worked 3 jobs, was taking 18.5 credit hours per semester and still somehow did almost every intramural sport. I was addicted to busy, and it wasn’t sustainable. . . .

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that even trying to find peace felt overwhelming? That’s a head scratcher, but it’s also common to the human experience. The place of peace was like a stranger to me – I ran so fast for so long I didn’t even know what it felt like. However, I survived and in many ways thrived during that season, because I felt like God told me, “Master what’s directly in front of you.” That phrase replaced the first one, and it became the mantra in my spirit that illustrated this life changing principle of peace . . .

  • Be present – In conversation – look people in the eye, stay locked in to them, listen to what they say. A huge tip for being present – next time you’re in the car – just drive. Don’t call someone, don’t listen to the radio, don’t tell Siri to text someone. As you drive – listen for God, refocus on what’s important, let God’s peace reorder your thoughts and mind.
  • Why? Because God is present. His presence is powerful and wonderful and . . . peace-filled. He is Immanuel – the God who is present. He’s given us the ministry of presence in people’s lives – people who are sick, grieving, angry, etc. When we are present with them – I mean fully present – Holy Spirit inside us is present also to bring healing, help and . . . (you guessed it) . . . peace.

Be present today, that’s your secret sauce to peace. That will probably mean you’ll have to get good at writing stuff down to deal with later. The God who is present is with you.

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