It Takes Vision

Have you ever thought – why is this road winding so much? Anyone who has spent significant time in the Northeast part of America has experienced the angst of roads that wind this way and that, for no apparent reason. Arrrgggghhh! The efficiency expert inside of me goes nuts! I want to get there, I can see it from here, why do I have to go left and right and left again! That’s a whole different kind of road rage – haha.

As I understand it, the Northeast part of America was settled before the US government was able to master plan a road system, therefore people squatted on the land and started building houses and farming areas. So then the roads just had to work around them. It would have taken a significant amount of vision and foresight for those early settlers to plan a road, and then plan to settle. They must have been too busy worrying about silly things like not starving.

The point is that it takes vision to foresee the possibilities of life where they do not exist yet. Isaiah spoke to this . . .

A voice of one calling: “In the wilderness prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. (Isa. 40:3 NIV)

The voice is commanding a highway to be made in the wilderness. For a highway to be made correctly in the wilderness, the city (the life) that is coming there someday has to be envisioned. As you go on in Isaiah 40, you see that life is coming to the wilderness, that’s why the highway has to be built first. In other words, wherever we envision life or growth coming personally or professionally, we need to plan and build the path to sustain it now. It takes vision.

Where in your life is God showing you that growth is coming? Where do you see your business growing? Your family growing? Your faith growing? Now begin to build the highway for it, through prayer, through strategic mentor relationships, through an infrastructure of relationships and skillsets that will make sustaining that life possible. It may look like a wilderness now, but God is preparing you for growth. See His vision and build the highway.

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