3 Keys to Repenting of Anxiety

The words just fell out of my mouth like a glorious accident, but it was more than that. I smiled, the person I was praying with nodded in agreement, the presence of God intensified with the words, “Lord we repent of the anxiety that we entertained before this breakthrough moment.” The breakthrough had already come. God was showing off and it was fun, and I realized that I had missed my moment to be free from anxiety, or should I say moments.

Some of you know my story of bouts with stress and anxiety (read more about it here). Since that moment yesterday, I have been asking the Lord, can we repent of anxiety? What does that look like? Here’s some insight . . .

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (Phil. 4:6 NIV)

My thoughts . . .

  1. Repent of anxiety before the breakthrough. If we wait until after the breakthrough it is actually late for maximum growth in us. I found after I had repented I was still so geeked up about the breakthrough that I lost even more energy and crashed harder later. I know – right! The only way to win in this area long term is to get to peace before the breakthrough.
  2. Repent of anxiety at the moment it comes. The Bible says, “every situation” not just to mean every kind of situation, but to mean every moment of the situation. Anxiety and stress compounds over time through the little things in life. Stay humble before God every moment, knowing that His plan for peace is greater.
  3. Thank God for what He’s about to do. We don’t know what’s coming – but when doing life with Him, it’s going to work out for good (grin – Rom 8:28). We get the prophetic privilege of thanking God ahead of time!

Embrace the moment right now. Think of that thing that’s given you ulcers, kept you up at night, made you say things you didn’t know you had in you (oops) – and then repent. Change your mind, to recognize the fact that God has a great plan for your future!

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