A Different Diagnosis

People in our world often look at Christianity as irritatingly narrow-minded. Jesus is the only way to God. Every other religion claims morality (each morality is different), but morality, is the only way to God. If your good outweighs your bad (again, everyone’s definition of this is different) then God is obligated to treat you well. That makes God your servant, and morality your plaything.

What if Christianity isn’t giving a narrow perspective, it’s giving a different diagnosis? Let’s say that you go to a bunch of doctors who all say you’re fine and then you go to another doctor who says, “No, you’re not fine, you’re terminal unless you take this medication.” How would you respond to that doctor? You wouldn’t say, “You’re narrow minded.” No, you’d say, “Wow, I need to find out if you’re right. What if those doctors are mistaken?”

These other religions believe teaching morality is enough – but no, the situation is too dire. Sin (rebellion against our Creator) has a terminal diagnosis. The Son of God had to come to earth, and He had to go to the cross as a perfect sacrifice for sin. We must give our lives entirely to Him. It is in that restoration of relationship that the kingdom of heaven is birthed in us, and gets activated in our lives. Then we’re not working our way to get to heaven – we’re working to introduce our world to heaven! The diagnosis is different and it’s good news – heaven can be our reality – and it’s found in the person of Jesus Christ!

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