3 Perseverance Tips to Change your World

Have you ever desired so much to keep moving forward but everything in you felt like quitting? You know, just like James that the reward is only possible when you continue moving forward, “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” (Jas. 1:12 NIV) 

Here are 3 perseverance tips that have the power to change your world . . .

  1. Just a little bit more. Take this attitude into your times of solitude and silence with God. How much time should you spend in silence with God? “Just a little bit more.” We all go into that place with God with an idea of when we need to come out, which is fine. So the “just a little bit more” attitude has the ability to suspend time in our spirit for the entirety of our time with God. How long does it take you to get to peace? Well, you’ll get there with the attitude that it takes “just a little bit more” and watch out, you might just persevere past peace and get deep into joy and delight with God!
  2. Tell me more. Everyone has been in a conversation with someone that got awkward and intense beyond social norms – an uncomfortable story, a crying fit, an outburst of strange immaturity, the divulging of painful past or present issues. What is our tendency? To end the conversation, or change the subject, and maybe even run from the relationship. What is the response that can win? “Tell me more.” Those 3 words will breakthrough for you – they soften the other person, let them know you care and want to hear them. Then, persevere past the emotional flooding, listen and empathize. Watch for the clearing in the conversation. Seek God together with them and experience the breakthrough you both have been looking for.
  3. You’ve given all to me. As we’re fasting for the next 21 days, each of us will get reminders throughout the day to seek God. When we want to engage in whatever habit we’re fasting and we’re reminded to be with God. The first thing that appropriately comes to mind is, “God, I’m giving this time to you.” So here’s the win, persevere one step further every time, “… because You’ve given all to me.” Then you’re fasting reminders are less about what you’re giving up and more about the Giver of all good gifts. “You’ve given all to me” focus in fasting will help you to persevere to Isaiah 58 kinds of victories.

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