Why God?

“Hi Laura! How are you?” I asked, answering my cell phone. “Well . . . Tim passed away last night.” She was devastated, I was stunned. He was my friend, and was 44, the father of 8 kids, a man of intense, beautiful faith and passion for God, for his family and for the supernatural. He had been miraculously and completely healed of cancer about 11 months earlier. Then he was diagnosed with an aggressive liver disease that took him out in 3 months.

At that moment in my faith the “Why?” question was unnecessary, even hurtful. I knew why – death, sickness, sin, Satan’s works – that’s the natural way of things. God gave us dominion over our world and we gave it away through sin – Jesus restored it, and we are still learning to walk in that authority. God our Father understands loss and even sickness, but He didn’t cause it. Here’s the principle . . .

Scripture always addresses the why question on the positive, but not the negative. The negative is obvious – it’s natural. The positive, well, that’s supernatural. That’s God’s domain.

  • John 9 – Why was the man born blind? So that God’s works might be displayed.
  • Rom 8:28 – Why do bad things happen? Doesn’t matter, God will orchestrate them for good, for those who love Him.

The why (on the positive) of the timing of miracles is very often (maybe always) related to God getting maximum glory through us. That’s why people more often get healed in church Gatherings. That’s why non-believers are likely to get healed even more than believers, because the supernatural is always an avenue for relationship.

Why did my friend die in the prime of life? Not the right question. God was (and is) miraculously with that family throughout. What about asking why he got healed of cancer and had 11 more months with them? That’s a better question.

At the funeral, we cried and sang powerfully, “In death, in life, I’m confident and covered by the power of Your great love.” (Tim’s favorite song – “One Thing Remains”) God’s presence was so thick and wonderful. Why? Because He loves us and He thinks we’re amazing. He is fully dedicated to orchestrating any natural circumstance into supernatural good.

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