Above the Clouds

Standing high up on one of the Austrian Alps, looking down on clouds, the air was thin, we could see all the way to Germany. Time seemed to stand still as a couple of my college friends and I broke into spontaneous praise for a God who would create that kind of majesty. Then the thought that turned to a prayer, “Lord, bring one of those clouds to our mountain.” Within 5 minutes we were covered in cloud, getting on all fours, being blown off the mountain by the wind. So we scurried to hike back on the edge of the cliff, through the snow, as the hail pelted us, in the middle of a white out (for real!). Our joy, however, was even stronger since we knew that God was with us!

Joy, true joy, is a fruit of Holy Spirit working through human spirit, (Gal 5) a highest good, a life-giving substance. We don’t get more joyful simply by willing ourselves to be more joyful – when we concentrate, we stink (like Po, in “Kung Fu Panda”). Joy comes through the gateways of . . .

  1. Solitude
  2. Peace with God
  3. Training our mind to peruse our world constantly in Gratitude
  4. Giving that gratitude for God away in encouragement to others
  5. Delight in God’s presence and smile

 That is when we begin to soar in our spirit with Holy Spirit, and joy becomes the fruit of our life. That is when joy becomes strength (Neh 8:10). Joy is such a highly prized commodity in heaven that Jesus endured the cross with that prize in mind (Heb 12:2). The storm, the wind, the hail, the white out, the snow, anything the world can throw at us becomes irrelevant when we are soaring in the joy of our Father.

We made it out off the mountain alive, with lots of intercessors praying us to safety. But the 3 of us literally had zero concern for our safety – we were still soaring above the clouds – joy gives you wings (take that, Red Bull). Start to fly with His joy today!

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