Saved For

“What must I do to be saved?” Now that’s a fun question – haha! When that one randomly comes up in conversation, I start pinching myself in excitement to see if it’s a dream! It’s just as exciting every time to lead someone into life-giving relationship with Jesus!

Our question as committed Christ-followers then becomes, “What does it mean to be saved?” The answer flows along two different trains of thought 1. Saved from 2. Saved for. We are saved from hell, eternal death, the devil, sin, and shame (Rom 10:9-11), but what are we saved for? In fact, that’s the bigger question. What a committed believer is saved from is actually irrelevant except for in gratitude. The Old Testament exclusively focuses on what we could be saved from, where the New Testament takes on the freshness of being saved for heaven, eternal life, the presence of God, right living and these things . .

  • For life now – Mk 3:4, Lk 6:9, John 10:9-10 (to the full)
  • For physical healing – Matt 9:21-22, Mk 5:23, 28, 34; 6:56, Mk 10:52, Lk 7:50; 8:48, 50; 17:19, 18:42, Acts 4:9; 14:9,
  • For joy – Acts 16:31-34
  • For the power of God – 1 Cor 1:18
  • For being seated with Christ, His grace, His kindness – Eph 2:5-7
  • For truth – 1 Tim 2:4
  • For purpose and a holy life – 2 Tim 1:9

Do yourself a favor this week – focus and meditate on the saved for list and Scriptures – you’ll start thinking more like Jesus intended in a hurry :-).

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