3 Ways to Make the Supernatural Normal

It was another complaining person. In my head I was complaining about all the complaining I was hearing (ironic, right? :-)). There were no warm fuzzies, and no particularly spiritual vibe, just internal rolls of eyes (am I allowed to be real for a moment – haha). Then it dawned on me – all of this complaining was about physical pain – I know someone who can help with that. Alright, here we go (not knowing if they believe in this), “Can I pray for your pain? . . . Right now?” Their tone softens, “Well . . . sure.” My hand on shoulder, simple prayer, Jesus heals. Everything changes.

Imagine if the supernatural was normal for every believer. If the supernatural were normal for every believer we wouldn’t have enough room in the churches for all the people coming to faith. We wouldn’t feel the need to argue family members into godliness.  We would be able to look people in the eye, love them fully, and then back it up with the raw, authentic power of God. No need for nerves or backing off. What if the supernatural was normal? It was for Jesus, and it was for the early church and it is becoming that way for so many today.

Here are 3 ways to Make the Supernatural Normal . . .

  • Normal in Occurrence

For us to mirror New Testament believers the supernatural will happen with consistency through us (Acts 4:29-33). There is a rhythm and atmosphere of supernatural events that occurs in the early church. When we steward the miracle well through testimony, we will be ready for more.

  • Normal as in Not Weird

Believers were normal in their approach, normal in the flow of conversation and daily activities on their way to supernatural events. The only thing weird about the encounter was generally the miracle itself. When our approach is friendly and genuine, boldness is easy. It’s hard for people to get angry at you when you care enough to notice their pain. Asking them if you can pray for it is only somewhat shocking, because it’s actually kind.

  • Normal as in Outside the Church

80% (104 of 130) of miracle stories in the New Testament happened outside the church. The miracles happened in the market place, on the streets, during travel; at homes, wells, boats, wilderness, mountain, shore of a lake, around a campfire, etc. What if we trained ourselves inside the church to pray for miracles only in the same tone, attitude and manner that would work outside the church? This must be our goal. 98% of conversion stories in the NT were directly tied to miracles. Miracles are still directly tied to winning converts that stick and grow today.

I believe that the supernatural can be normal for every believer. This is the Biblical precedent. Let’s not dumb down our theology to our experience or lack of experience in the supernatural; rather let’s seek to allow our experience to match the Scripture more and more. Play the long game with this. Jesus will win through us.

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