Just Because

Sitting on my pillow when I came to my room one night was a note from my wife, “I love you handsome, XOXO.” No special day, or event, or date night, or occasion – it was a note – just because. I kept the note (I cried when I saw it – don’t tell anyone ;-)). It is often the unexpected gestures of love that become viral in our hearts.

Jesus constantly gave love in unexpected ways and times. In John 4:27 the disciples were “surprised” to find him talking with the Samaritan woman. He surprised the Pharisees by forgiving the sins of the paralytic before healing him. After his resurrection he surprised the believers by walking through the wall on multiple occasions – just to highlight a few.

Last night, as I was sitting with so many friends, mourning the tragic loss of a wonderful young man, Jesus showed His ways again. It was easy to sense His presence in the room. One came in with knee pain, after prayer, the brace came off and the knee was healed. Another came in with a severe headache, what 4 Advil couldn’t touch, Jesus completely healed in 90 seconds. Why? Just because. Was He helping to comfort us in the loss? Yes, certainly He was. But mostly for those of us in the room who witnessed these miracles, we simply know that Jesus is good, and He loves us. I’ll keep that love note from Him close to my heart. Let His love become viral in your heart today.

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