Is it Time?

As I was praying for someone this week going through intense personal trial I saw a picture of the person in a boat, hanging on to the mast of the ship for dear life in destructive storm. God boiled this up in spirit – Is it time to go down to the bow of the boat and find a place to rest like Jesus did?

The more I meditate on this statement the more it rings true, “We have authority over storms we can sleep through.” We can survive any storm with God’s help, hanging on for dear life – but is that God’s best for us? Is there a shift in the spirit for you right now, making it time to take authority over your storm? I believe that this is true for many who will read this.

We don’t shift into spiritual authority by being more authoritative in our attitude or prayers (by yellin’ or spittin’ or having angry face – haha). We shift into spiritual authority by leaning into God’s peace and rest enough to hear what Jesus and Holy Spirit are praying to the Father. When our soul is at rest the beautiful harmony of their voice comes through, and our good Father’s will crystalizes. It’s in those moments that our prayers strike a note that matches and makes sense to the ears of the Father, rather than screeching against our own best interests.

Is it time to shift from hanging on for dear life, into the spiritual place of rest/authority for which He designed you?

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