Develop these Habits

“Habits eat willpower for breakfast” (Soul Keeping, John Ortberg) – and we will change the way we think (Rom 12:2) by developing these habits. I feel like God showed me these things a little more than a year ago, and they keep ringing true in my spirit . . .

  • Whenever you’re sad and discouraged – remember God’s wins through you
  • Whenever you’re satisfied and comfortable and proud of yourself – remember some losses
  • Whenever you’re anxious – take the time immediately to breath deeper until your soul is at peace again
  • When you’re lonelycurl up in the arms of our Savior
  • When you’re angry take a timeout and reevaluate your soul. Diagnose the places that you are disconnected and reconnect to God
  • When you’re tempted to sin – take a timeout to remember the vision that your soul with God’s help has for your life, and make soul level decisions for right
  • When you’re burdened – breath deeper, take longer with Jesus, until the burden lifts
  • When there’s strife – remember that Jesus’ yoke is easier – come to him and learn how to respond with loving, measured, hope-filled determination
  • When you see pain meditate on God’s beauty He has created in our world.
  • When you can’t forgive, think of all the things you’ve been forgiven
  • When we fight boredom remember all the things that God will do through you in your soul level picture
  • We fight being overly competitive by realizing the patience of God again
  • When you’re tempted to sin run to a place of delight in God
  • When we are exhausted rest in God’s smile
  • When you begin to fear, lean in to God’s love

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