God saw . . . Good

I saw the young lady who was taking our order and she was sad. My heart began to race, my spirit began to cry out to God for some way to lift her head, lift her eyes, lift her soul. In the 90 seconds or so it took to place the order the only thing I thought to say was, “Sweetie, it can get better.” In my heart I know what is possible, by the statement I believed that I was releasing hope for good into her life. Did she share her heart with me and accept Jesus in that moment? No. Was there probably a better way to connect or another way to share God’s love? Surely. Did I completely miss the moment to infuse life, like I’ve done so many times? Not this time :-).

In Genesis chapter 1 we see a key too God’s perspective, His lens, His way of framing our existence . . .

Genesis 1:31 “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

Truth . . .

  1. God sees good. He sees beauty and all the shades of good an wonder that are possible
  2. Chaos becomes good because God’s involved. That’s the story of Genesis 1. Even when I saw sadness, God saw something better for that girl and I was simply looking for a way to express His heart.

God is upgrading our lens. He’s interested in upgrading our view on our own past, on the people around – so that we can see the platinum possibilities for blessing in our life and in those around us.

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