Anticipate Joy

My family and I are on the edge of having our fourth child, as Jessica is scheduled for a C-Section tomorrow! The aniticipation couldn’t be greater – I have earned a black belt in man nesting by finishing our basement – (also, thank you so much to those who have helped us) – My kids all have been giddy with excitement, spending time nightly rubbing the belly! My wife has been getting every piece of work possible out of the way so that Tuesday is clear – because we are anticipating the birth of our daughter! We are anticipating the volume level in our house going up, less sleep, more cries to interpret, more problems to solve, and things to juggle. But more than that, we are anticipating our heart to explode even bigger in love, our life to be even richer with hope, our perspective to be even clearer with breadth, our minds to be more in line with God’s because we are joining in God’s creative process! We are anticipating our joy to go up a notch this week!

Truth . . .

  1. Emotions can be anticipated
  2. The emotions you anticipate are likely to happen
  3. Our God anticipates His emotions (among other things – Jn 16:22)

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