Flip the Script

After a week at class in Springfield, MO having my mind sufficiently melted for God :-), I wanted to bring out a truth that has surfaced in my heart.

Luke 7:36-50 records a story of Jesus at the house of a Pharisee named Simon. In came Mary Magdalene, who was a well-known “sinner” in town. The table was set and the contrast was made between a religious viewpoint and our Savior’s perspective. Jesus flipped the script on Simon’s view of Mary . . .

Simon’s Religious View of Mary (v 39) The Gold Jesus Calls Out in Mary (v 46-50)
Unknown by God Jesus knew everything about her
Not worthy of being touched Lavish in her love for God
A stereotype “what kind of woman she is” A person of faith (v 50)
A sinner Forgiven
At odds with God Jesus gave her peace with God
Humiliated and shamed An honored place at Jesus feet
Spiritually bankrupt A worshipper who is rich in what matters most

Who in your life are you able to flip the script for? Create for them a new reality and identity based on how God sees them. There are ways to specifically flip the script for each person in your sphere of influence. Learn to think like Jesus about people and flip the script for their life so that they begin to become the picture of who God sees them as. Take this in to your prayer time. Also, think about how Jesus is flipping the script for you.

Also, notice that in his thoughts Simon specifically doubted Jesus’ prophetic abilities in verse 39. Ironically, Jesus uses a Word of Knowledge to refute him and then calls out gold (prophesies) over Mary. Who’s a prophet now, Simon? Boom 🙂

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