The Right Question

Talking with God today, the question slipped out of me – “Why are you so good?”

Immediately, I realized that this is not the question or line of questioning our world is asking, but it’s the right question. It’s the question we should be asking. The one that matters. If you want to hear His voice more, why not try asking Him the right questions.

In response, I felt like God told me “Imagine a leaf.” Strange thought, right? I thought so.

Then He showed me – You can’t imagine a healthy leaf without seeing it connected to the entire branch/tree/soil/forest/sun/rain. A leaf cannot be healthy on its own – as soon as it’s separated it becomes a dying leaf. A good act from God cannot be separated from the good acts in our line of sight, from the good that He does in our world, from the fact that He created our world for good and has continued good plans for us here. Why is God good? Because it’s the only thing He can be and do. His big picture for our world is good.

Yes, a forest is filled with decay, but that in no way diminishes the beauty of even a single leaf. Yes, our world is filled with decay, but that in no way diminishes the beauty of God’s good design, or His acts or words – or the beauty He has placed inside each of us humans. We’re the leaf. We’re the beauty that God has created in our world that is directly connected to all beauty/goodness that has ever existed. They cannot be separated because God is good.


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