The Weather’s Changing

I tripped over an old groty patch of snow/ice/congealed dirt weirdness today, which slapped me with the “distant memory” of the barrage of white stuff we received this winter. I got cold thinking about it, and although we might not be totally done, watching my kids play in the park the last few days confirms the truth – the weather’s changing.

This is true in the spiritual realm also. This Sunday night our worship team had 3 songs planned and the worship time went 55 minutes, not because we were bored, but because WE HAD TO stay in that place of God’s glory! His presence was so thick it was an imperative that we not leave. 2.5 hours later everyone’s still there, the worship team is back up again, and people are getting rocked all over the room by God’s presence!

It reminds me of the changing weather that Elijah recognized in 1 Kings 18. After 7 years of famine, he checked 7 times before seeing a cloud the size of a man’s hand. Elijah declared that the drought was over and a torrential downpour was on the way, based on that one cloud. What happened on Sunday night may have only been a tiny cloud compared to what the Lansing area needs, but I believe it signals that the weather is changing.

That good thing happening in your family may only be a drop in the bucket of what needs to happen for health – but declare that the weather is changing, contending for it in your spirit.

  • Learn to recognize spiritual season changes in yourself and your family.
  • Declare the season change and run with God in it (Elijah outran a chariot – haha, 1 Kings 18:46)!