What if There’s More . . . Hugs?

One of my favorite moments as a father is when my kid saunters over and asks to be in my arms. There’s something about those arms outstretched even if their grubby, and the nose that nuzzles in the neck even if it’s . . . ummmm. . . gross. By far most of the time, I will welcome my child no matter who else I’m talking to, or how important my tasks are. That moment of embrace blesses me.

Jesus never fathered physical children on the earth, yet we see this scene twice within 30 verses (Mark 9:36, 10:16) Jesus taking a child in his arms, and then many children in his arms to bless them. I don’t know if there was a good Greek word for hugs back then, but that’s the scene that’s described. Jesus taking up in these children in an embrace, putting his hand on them and prophetically blessing their future. Grubby fingers, snotty noses, the least important people on the planet – Jesus embraces them and blesses them!

What if there’s more hugs? What if the example of Jesus means that we can receive that kind of embrace from Him also, even with our grubby fingers and snotty noses? Come to Jesus RIGHT NOW, be embraced by Him, receive His prophetic declarations of blessing for your future. What if you should give more hugs and prophetic blessings too? Who can you bless today?

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