To All the Dreamers

I rarely ever remember my dreams, but 2 nights ago I did. God spoke through it even! Here’s the secret as to why . . .

All of you are dreamers. You spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping, and have an average of 200 dreams per night – whether you like it or not, whether you remember them or not. You may not remember your dreams, but someone in your life does. And you have a voice in their life when you invite God to interpret.

Some dreams are from YOU – free falling, teeth dropping out, no pants at a speech, etc. Some dreams are from the ENEMY – nightmares, dead things, etc. But some dreams are definitively from GOD. God can redeem 1/3 of your time, when you allow Him to speak in and through your dreams.

So here’s the secret – 2 nights ago as I was falling asleep, I asked God to speak to me in my dreams. And sure enough, He did. It was the middle of the night, I didn’t even get up to write it down, but I asked God to help me remember in the morning – and He did! So I wrote it down and asked Him what it meant, and IT WAS AWESOME! So here’s the challenge – ask God to speak to you in your dreams tonight.

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