How God Can Help You Sleep Better

Confession – I’m not sleeping very well – The last four days have been rough. Foggy-minded is no way to go through life, so I decided to see what God has to say about our sleep. The average person sleeps for 25 YEARS OF THEIR LIFE! Even if you’re sleeping great, what if God has ways to maximize that time for you??? We’re going to grow together. Here’s what God can do during your sleep (raise your level of faith for growth in this area, as you visit these Scriptures) . . .

  • God can bring supernatural blessing/companionship/rearrange your whole world for better in your sleep! God put Adam to sleep and HE WOKE UP NEXT EVE – WOAH! (Gen. 2:21-23)
  • God’s promises can come in your sleep. God put Abram into a deep sleep and told him great promises (Gen. 15:12-21).
  • God’s presence can come in your sleep. Jacob saw angels and encountered God in his sleep (Gen. 28:11-22).
  • God cares about your warmth in sleep! Israelites were instructed to give back a cloak that was pledged so that their poor neighbor could sleep in warmth (Deut 24:11-12). So go ahead, put on that second blanket.
  • God protects and gives peace in sleep. (1 Sam. 26:12, Psalm 3:5, 4:8, 127:2, Jer. 31:26), God doesn’t sleep so you can (Psalm 121:3-4)
  • Do not love sleep (Prov. 20:13, 19:15, 24:33-34) Ouch! This is a good one. Sleep is not the goal here!
  • God gives prophetic dreams in supernatural sleep. (Dan. 8:18, 10:9) How about tonight!?!
  • Storms don’t have to mess with your sleep. (Matt. 8:24) Boom – drop the mic, Jesus!

Allow God to work in your sleep tonight. Invite Him in. Right now pray, “Holy Spirit, I invite you to transform my mind and my world during my sleep tonight.”


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