Why didn’t YOU invite me?

“Why didn’t YOU invite me to your church???” She quips to her friend, with a smile and a laugh – slightly awkward, but still fun. One day earlier … one of our staff members had met a lady, had decent rapport with her and decided to give her the “Upside Down: Easter Sunday” invite card. “Hey I know someone at your church!!! Why hasn’t SHE ever invited me???” (To protect the innocent the names are anonymous – haha).

So here’s my challenge to you – avoid the awkward and get in on the fun – INVITE someone you know to church right away! Use that Easter invite card. 82% of unchurched people in America said they would be likely to attend church if invited by a friend, coworker, neighbor or family member (Lifeway). This may sound astonishing, but I’ve found it to be true. Your invite is the only thing standing between someone and their encounter with Jesus!

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